It's the Bikefest Nelson Carnivelo this evening (4pm - 9pm) at Trafalgar Park.

To celebrate this event we thought we'd have a little treasure hunt. Dotted around the event will be several QR Codes. Scan as many as you can and we'll find a small prize for whoever scans the most or if several people scan them all we'll pick a winner at random from those people.

Download the app from Google Play (

  1. Turn on ‘Other’ markers from the Markers menu.
  2. Look for the special QR Code markers on the map (Markers will only start to appear on the map close to the start of the event at 4pm).
  3. Go to the QR Code map locations and use the app's QR code scanner to scan in the code.

Note that the QR code scanner requires the download of the 'ZXIng', a well known open source barcode scanner.

Carnivelo Treasure Hunt

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