How many times have you come across a car parked in the cycle path or glass on the road but didn't know how to report it or by the time you got to where you were going it wasn't worth reporting ? Markers are very useful ways to let people know of issues or hazards you've come across or just something interesting you've found on your travels.

When a marker is created, it is automatically sent to everybody running the application and displayed if they have that Marker type visible. Additionally, for certain marker types such as vehicles obstructing cycle lanes, glass on the road etc., an email is automatically generated containing the marker details (including your name and email address) and sent to the relevant person or department to deal with the issue.

There are two methods for creating markers: If Tracking is turned on and the application has found your current location, to add a marker to your current location just select the Marker menu item and then click the 'Add Marker' button. Alternatively, to add a marker anywhere on the map just 'long click' on the map.

Once a marker has been placed, it's position can be adjusted by dragging the marker. You can only move markers that you have created.

Images can be added to the marker when it's created or images can be added to the marker at a later time. Images can be attached from the mobile device's gallery or a photograph can be taken vie the app.

Marker Images can be added either at the time the marker is created or added from the gallery later (when wi-fi is available for example).

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